January 2020 Action Supervision/Consultation Group

Participants are asked to bring cases to the group for supervision/consultation. In addition to exploring participants’ cases, some sessions may be devoted to clinical and ethical issues necessary for competent and ethical management of a counseling, psychotherapy or psychodrama practice. Topics may include: informed consent, suicide assessment, procedures for handling psychiatric emergencies, duty to warn, evaluating client outcomes, and best practices in documentation and others.


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Special Topic Workshop: Cycles Of Change— Contemporary Knowledge & Ancient Wisdom

OVERVIEW: Join a small community of individuals interested in psychodrama as we explore the topic of change, one that is important for psychotherapists, counselors, coaches, spiritual facilitators and others who support people in making changes to live healthier and more fulfilled lives. We explore contemporary findings from social psychology and neuroscience, along with concepts from ancient wisdom traditions to understand some of the complexities of change.


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2020 Action Methods Supervision/Consultation Group For Mental Health Professionals

OVERVIEW: This supervision and consultation group is intended for mental health professionals at any level looking for support and guidance in their clinical practice. Whatever their stage of professional development, participants can benefit from examining challenging clinical and/or ethical issues arising in their current practice.


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Developing a Secure Enough Base: Attachment Essentials & Interventions


Led by: Catherine D. Nugent, LCPC, TEP
Sunday, April 19, 9:45 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

OVERVIEW: Early caregiving has a lasting impact on psychological development, ability to learn, capacity to regulate emotions, and ability to form satisfying relationships (Siegel 2012). Secure, nurturing environments and stimulating, engaging experiences help build the actual architecture of the brain. Conversely, the absence of caring, stable relationships, especially in early childhood, can lead to host of life-long problems that psychotherapists see in their clinical practices, such as: intractable shame, chronic depression, acting-out behaviors and self-harming, personality disorders, and inability to form close adult relationships.


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LPTI Intensive: Let’s Do Sociometry—Beyond Spectrograms, Locograms & Step-In

Let’s Do Sociometry—Beyond Spectrograms, Locograms & Step-In Sociometry (with Guest Co-Trainer, Paula Catalan)  The workshop may be held in a residential setting. Please inquire for further information.


LPTI Special Topic Workshop: Promoting Resilience & Posttraumatic Growth

Promoting Resilience & Posttraumatic Growth


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LPTI Mini-Intensive

Let’s Do Psychodrama—You Direct! (with Guest Co-Trainer, TBD)

LPTI Special Event

Introduction to Psychodrama & LPTI Meet & Greet

LPTI Special Topic Workshop

Multicultural Awareness and Inclusion (with Guest Co-Trainer, Kimberly Dailley)

LPTI Special Topic Weekend

Somatic Psychology with Heart: Turning to the Body with Mindfulness & Self-Compassion, with co-leader, Jackie Fowler