Entries by Sarah Klotz

Summer 2022

“Sociometry is powerful.
It allows us to connect with parts of ourselves,
each other and whatever we consider
greater than ourselves.”

-Wisdom from Barbara Guest Hargin

Spring 2022

High functioning groups
give close attention
to the needs of members for
role access and role relief.

-Ann E. Hale, sociometrist, student of J.L. and Zerka T. Moreno

Summer 2021


Photo of Cathy & Rene M. Clay (c. 1981

LPTI places participants’ safety and wellbeing as our top priority. We are hopeful we may be able to open safely in October; however, we continue to monitor federal, state and local guidance on public health conditions. Should we be unable to open our doors in October, we will work online until such time as we can gather safely in person.

Spring 2021

Wisdom from Zerka:

“Moreno declared that instead of looking at [hu]mankind as fallen beings, everyone is a potential genius, and like the Supreme Being, co-responsible for all of [hu]mankind. It is the genius we should emphasize, not the failings.”

Winter 2021

Barn’s burnt down ─
I can see the moon.

– Masahide (13th C. Zen poet)

The past year has been a barn-leveling experience for many of us. We’ve had so many losses and seen so much suffering! However, as the Zen poet suggests, these dark nights can lead to moments of gratitude, peace, even transcendence.

A wise person once said: The gift of suffering is compassion. May we cultivate compassion, and may all be well in 2021!